How Do You Plan to Look After Your Ailing Elderly Family Member With A 9-5 Job?

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As your parents, grandparents grow older, it is quite obvious for you to start worrying about how they will get by from day to day. This especially holds true when they become forgetful and less able, as they get more vulnerable to falls, injuries and accidents. The fact that they now need elderly care becomes more evident.

As a responsible family member, you surely want to look after your loved one, but you may not realise the amount of care they need. Your loved one at this stage is in dire need of a full-time experienced carer, such as us live-in care which is available at Live-In Carers Direct. It’s easy to send the ones in need of care, to care homes, but is it the right place for them?

As a matter of fact, NO, it is generally not the ideal setting. An elderly family member, especially with dementia symptoms should never be put away from their own home. Their primary treatment is to make sure they are surrounded by familiar faces and familiar settings.

With the world changing fast, demands are escalating. To choose to not work is hardly an option today, and in this rush, we lose track of time. Now, when you have an ailing elderly member at home, it might start making you feel overburdened or overstressed. However, with more and more live-in care services emerging around, families are choosing at-home care services as an ideal alternative to nursing homes.

Here’s why considering 24-hour live in care service sounds wise –

When you hire 24/7 live in carer providers, you are sure that your loved one is receiving one-on-one attention they require. The whole idea behind considering an at-home carer is personalised care. During the golden times of their lives, all they expect are utmost care, exclusive love and bonus would be 24-hour medical attention. In a nutshell, a trustworthy, dependable companionship.

Your loved one will feel the utmost comfort as they can continue living in their own home, around their own people. A residential/nursing home would have rather been a totally wrong choice as elderly people grow more vulnerable to unfamiliar surroundings.

Seniors who live at home, live longer than those living in nursing homes. Moreover, those who live at home also tend to be mentally and physically happier and healthier compared to the ones living in residential/nursing homes.

Now as much as our service is concerned, we have always customised our attention and services to the needs of the client. Thus, you can tailor what you want to do, for example, if your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s, he or she needs a carer who has hands-on experience in looking after an individual with similar medical conditions. Live-In Carers Direct doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all service.

We help you choose a carer from a selection we take pride in. Having operated around for years now, we pride ourselves on earning generations of clients from different times and eras.

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