How To Pay For Care

One of the most stressful areas when it comes to care is working out how you will pay for it. Many people are surprised to learn that there is little, or any, financial support available from your Local Authority and they are therefore responsible for paying for all the care themselves. Many people also massively under estimate the costs of care, and in particular are shocked at the cost of paying for care.

When it comes to paying for live-in care there are a number of options to consider. Therefore, we always recommend that you speak to a financial specialist that can explain your options.

We can put you in touch with financial advisers that specialise in assisting individuals in providing the most suitable options available for you.

NHS Continuing Healthcare & CHC funding

If someone has serious health problems and in particular, something known as a ‘Primary Health Need’, then the NHS should fund 100% of the individuals care fees with no means testing.

CHC Funding

The process surrounding continuing healthcare funding is set out by the government in a document called The National Framework for NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care.

There are a number of processes to go through and we can of course supply additional information if required.

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