How will a carer be matched to you or your loved one

In the first instance, we would have a telephone consultation, sharing your needs and following this, we will arrange an informal meeting with you.

Based upon your information shared with us we will find the most suitable match. We place extra special importance in matching you with someone who you are most likely to get on.

We put forward suitable carers for you to choose and once chosen, we highly recommend you meet with them.

What happens If I don’t like my carer

It’s imperative that your live-in carer is someone who you feel comfortable with. If after meeting the carer, you have any concerns, we would commence the process of matching again.

If for some reason you are finding it difficult to get along with your carer, please contact us to either try resolve any issues or to find someone who is more suitable.

What breaks is a carer entitled to each day?

Your carer is entitled to a 2 hour break daily. For this period there are several options available; either another carer can come and support you or you may wish to spend the time on your own.

All placements and families work differently and it’s worked out completely on an individual basis

Why do you suggest two carers?

We suggest two carers for a number of reasons, firstly when one carer’s holiday is planned, the other carer will be available to provide cover.

Secondly as the role of a carer can be quite demanding, we suggest that they work a rota of 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. This normally fits in well with the lifestyle of the carer and provides them time to completely recharge their batteries!

Does the carer sleep in?

Yes, the carer does as they will be supporting you 24/7

What boundaries can I set up with the carer?

Prior to matching you with a carer, we have an in depth discussion to create a care plan that is bespoke to your needs, outlining exactly what you would like the carer to do and get involved in. It is helpful to set these boundaries from the start but one realises that this is not always possible and things may have been missed or forgotten. We and the carers appreciate this and as long as changes are discussed and agreed with the carer, there should be no concerns.

How do loved ones receive updates on care?

Any updates can be received as frequently as required. If you’d like certain family and friends to be kept up to date, please share this with your carer and it can also be included within your bespoke care plan.

There are apps available to keep family and friends up to date and we would be delighted to share such information with you.

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