How It Works

If you are looking for professional care for yourself or a loved one but are uncomfortable with the idea of going into a residential home, a live-in carer option, offers ongoing, dedicated support on your own terms, all in the comfort of your own home. Each care plan is individual and created in a way that’s completely unique to your needs.

After meeting to learn more about you and your support needs, you’ll choose your ideal carer match from a selection of profiles, handpicked by our team of experts. Once agreed, this fully trained and trusted carer will be there to provide the support you need day and night.

Find out more about how we find the right carer for you in our four steps below. Or drop us a line and we can talk you through the process and the options for your family.

1. We need to find out your support and care needs and we’ll find the most suitable match

After discussing over the phone, visiting you in your own home, we will find out more about the level of care and support you’re looking for.

2. We create your unique care plan

After your initial telephone consultation and our visit, we will be able to create an outline personalised care plan, although from our experience this is very likely to change once a carer has commenced support and care for you. This plan will outline everything discussed including your daily routines, likes, dislikes, medication and your circle of support and friends, among many other things, without any rigid timetables.

3. Choosing your live-in carer

Finding the right match is one of the most important parts of the process. Aside from matching you with someone who has the right experience, we place special importance on finding the right personality fit. In fact, many live-in carers become more like friends. We are very different to other Live-In Care agencies as we fully promote a one-to-one meeting with a prospective carer.

As we are an introducer, every carer has gone through an intensive selection process, including DBS, background checks, references and previous training. All carers share one thing in common, a genuine desire to help someone live independently, making sure they are safe and comfortable in their own home.

4. Your support and care commences

Your new live-in carer will arrive at the agreed time to start. We request that the carer produces a comprehensive care plan, based upon the details that have already been prepared, that can be added to as necessary to make sure that you, as a family are all comfortable. This will all be discussed with you beforehand.

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