Why Choose Live-In Care

Live-in care gives your loved one round-the-clock support & care, in the comfort of their own home. Although residential homes suit some, they are unable to offer one-to-one care, support and companionship, with your individual needs determining the day to day activities. Whilst a residential home provides a safe environment, it cannot provide the level of support or interaction offered by a live-in carer.

The move to a care home is usually a big upheaval. By arranging for a trained carer to come and live in your home, he or she will enable you to live the life you want.

Sadly, however, we find that too often admission into a residential care home is presented as the only viable option for elderly clients, particularly those with increasing levels of confusion and dementia. The irony of course is that for those with dementia, the move into a care home and away from everything familiar tends to cause increasing confusion and a general deterioration in their condition.

There are many good reasons to consider the live-in care option. If you would like to discuss, please call us.

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