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Looking For An Assisted Living Facility For Your Ageing Loved One? You May Want To Think Otherwise

Live-in care services allow your ageing loved ones to continue living in their own homes instead of moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Here’s how live-in carers make their lives not only worthy-living but also fun and fully functional:

Live-in care services are when an experienced and certified carer comes to live in with your loved one to help them up and going with their lives with ease and all health. Carers services are available under several categories – if your loved one is in need of 24*7 live-in carer service, they can avail it too. Many people who are in their golden age do need an uncompromised companionship for 24*7, not only because they are no more physically capable of doing things all by themselves, but also because their emotional health does need a support.

Live-in care service is a progressively popular and more practical alternative to putting your Gramy  – especially if they have a need for higher support. It allows them to live in their own home and meet their altering needs. For many, it gives a way to continue living as independently and happily as possible at home surrounded by the same old and familiar faces in the community.

Is your loved one suited to live-in care? Let’s find out –

Not every ageing person is in need of a live-in carer unless, they require –

  • Personal care, e.g. dressing and washing
  • Companionship
  • Taking medication
  • Housework
  • cooking
  • Assistance to manage fall risks and other risks at home
  • Trips out, e.g., to the doctor
  • Caring for a pet
  • Continuing to enjoy lifelong hobbies.

Live-in care is an attractive choice who get confused by any new setup or face around them and find it hard for themselves to adapt and settle happily. This specifically applies to individuals living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, where routine, familiar surroundings and continuity are very important, reassuring as they ensure an improved quality of life. Live-in care service comes with 24/7 monitoring so to make sure your loved one is safe and protected at all times.

Besides, if your loved one is recovering from any chronic health condition or short-time illness, you may also consider live-in care service for a short period. In case you are still irresolute whether you need live-in care service or not, here are some of the benefits of live-in carers –

Dedicated care service: The key benefit of engaging a live-in care service is that it ensures dedicate care for your loved one. They will get one-on-one attention.

They live in their own home: Having surrounded by their possessions, friends and family, they feel the utmost comfort. While assisted living facility can also provide valuable service, however getting to live in their own home with family has its very distinct therapy secret.

Peace of mind: They get the reassurance that there’s someone available to assist them with their day-to-day problems. Live-in care service ensures minimising the risk of feeling isolated, lonely while offering companionship. A certified and experienced carer supports them in their hobbies and interests, while encouraging them to continue with them as much as possible. This leaves positive impacts on their happiness, confidence and wellbeing. Some carers will be happy to drive them or accompany them on journeys, making keeping in contact with the local community and friends easier.

Keeping pets: The carer can also help look after their pet who might otherwise be sent to a new home or put up online for adoption if you were to move into an assisted living facility. Many sheltered housing and care homes do not allow pets.

Little or no pressure on relationships: If a friend or relative wants to spend with them on weekends, they can be with them for as long as they want. There’s no visiting hour restrictions, nor the fear of leaving for it’s their “meds time.” You can sit along and chatter as the carer looks after them. The emotional and practice benefit takes the load off of your family’s shoulder making both parties available to each other at all times.

Way of life and holidays: If they can still travel for holidays, this might only be possible if they can take full-time carer with them. Having a full-time carer enables them to continue their way of life with little or no restrictions at all.

Specialist training: Live-in carers are specially trained so that they can deal with conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS, palliative care, stroke or dementia. There are many providers who provide live-in nursing staff.

Staying together with spouse: For couples, the live-in care service cost is significantly lower than a nursing home and also loving partners get to stay together. In certain scenarios in a nursing home, where one is suffering from dementia, they have to get separated.


Through introductory agency, finding and matching live-in carers get easier as then you can manage and pay them directly. Typically, carers hired through an introductory agency are responsible to pay their own taxes and make NI contributions.

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