STOP, If You’re Considering Moving Your Loved One Into A Nursing Care?

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When you are researching options for care for your ageing loved one, it can get overwhelming and difficult to decide on what will be the best and most comfortable option for them as well as you and your family.

There are many options, for example, moving them into a nursing home or assisted living facility or residential care, but none of them is good for their health, especially if your ageing loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Here’s the moral touchpoint –

First of all, when parents grow too old to look after themselves, this must never be a problem for the kids who are well-fed, strong and financially capable now. Just imagine the time when you had needed them the most and they were there no matter what.

Secondly, time changes with your parents growing old and you need a dedicated time slot for your job and family – totally understandable. However, your priorities must not exclude your old parents and you can totally plan them in if you are just a little guided or advised.

Moving them into a nursing home, even though they have critical medical conditions is never a solution unless you and your family have to live away for work. Sometimes, our old parents can’t live away from the place they came married and then lived 50 years around the same neighbourhood and supermarkets. That little ‘Oy mate’ greeting from the florist and ‘how are you doing today’ from the supermarket manager are not mere words – they have grown up with your parents as a culture and a sense of pure companionship. They don’t deserve to be put away from their existence.

The most common illness in ageing parents is Alzheimer’s or Dementia or Parkinson’s. Now, we understand what your job and family demand of you. Your dedicated time and attention. So, here is the solution – home care services for seniors. Home care services are an effective and more useful alternative to moving them into a nursing home.

Below are the benefits of home care services for seniors with or without any pre-existing medical condition –


The primary advantage of live-in care service is that your ageing loved one can continue staying in the place where they feel safe, secure and comfortable, i.e. home. The joy and peace of sleeping in their own bed are unmatched; bathing in their own bathroom and eating at the same dining table does not only ensure happiness but a cure to the natural pain of growing grey. When they are cared and looked after 24/7 in their own home and with great companionship – they stay well, live healthily and happily forever.

Dedicated care

Rather than adjusting to the routine and schedule of a care facility, a live-in care plan can be tailored to fit your ageing loved one’s and your needs. Whether your loved one requires only assistance for just a couple of hours until you get back home or full-time care service, home care service for seniors can adapt to any of your needs or even changes anytime you want.

Expect faster recovery

Many studies have revealed that ageing parents or grannies recover from their illness or surgery faster and more efficiently in the comfort of their very own home. There is also a decreased rate of risk of them developing any infection from exposure to any bacteria or germs in the facility.


Live-in care service cost is estimated by hourly rate, hence there’s much flexibility and scope for budget planning whenever it comes to an additional expense. Cost in Central London may be a little higher than other internal areas, but it almost is the same throughout the U.K. For the 24-hour live-in carer, you may need to put a bit more away from the usual monthly expense, but it’s still way lower than residential care or assisted living facility cost.

Absolute peace of mind

You will not have to worry about your ageing love one being left all alone, falling or getting themselves injured while carrying out daily tasks, for example – showering, preparing a meal or getting out/in the bathroom, etc. There will be an experienced and trustworthy professional with them at all times, taking caring of things for them.

Absolute independence

The fear of losing independence is just the same in the old ones as it’s in youth. Nobody loves to be live on others, being an unwanted burden. Your parents have lived all their lives as independently as you are living now. You cook, eat, go out and come back whenever you want and as you get pleased. Your ageing parents have not done anything wrong to be deprived of their freedom except, for one thing, i.e. growing grey. You can help them live independently when you hire a 24/7 live-in home care services for them. They can continue socialising, attending doctor’s appointments, shopping groceries and other essentials with a trustworthy and professional companion.

Great companionship

If you are leaving your ageing loved one alone, they feel loneliness and experience social isolation which eventually leads their health to decline. Carers ensure that your loved one is living the best time of their lives and there’s no compromising on their peace, happiness and more importantly freedom. They are spending their days under the great and dependable companionship of an experienced live-in carer.

Family involvement

Home care services allow your family to be a major part of your loved ones’ home care plan. When you work with a reputable and relatively better-reviewed home care service agency, they allow you to be who you are to your loved one, meaning no need of a prior appointment, you can visit them just as you have always visited them anytime.

Pet ownership

Your loved one will be allowed to live along with their pet in their home, meaning there’s no adieu for fur buddy. Pet companionship is not mere companionship, it’s way to heal faster and remain happy. Peace and happiness are two secret ingredients of leading a healthy life and a home carer ensure it for your loved one.

They need love and care more than some morning and evening courses of medication.

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