Sheila’s Story

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Sheila is living with dementia. Before arranging care, like everyone in this position, her family had concerns about someone moving into her home, as initially, they would be a stranger. Sheila lives on her own and at the time had mild dementia. After meeting the two live-in carers that we introduced to Sheila and her daughter to discuss Sheila’s needs, those concerns lifted. By getting to know about Sheila, from the food she likes to how dementia affects her day-to-day, we could find a specialist live-in carer with knowledge and understanding of dementia and who would be a perfect match.

Sheila’s daughter says, ‘There really is no place like home, and with Jane and Helen’s one-to-one support, my mum is able to keep in touch with all her friends and neighbours. This really provides mum with many positives; one of the greatest joys for her, is staying in her own home around people that she knows’.

Jane and Helen are experienced live-in carer’s who are completely focused on making sure Sheila is happy and safe at home.

‘My mum, having previously spent a brief but unhappy period of time in a care home after leaving hospital, now feels very lucky and comfortable. Live-in care means friendship, a sense of security, more importantly, everything around her which she is used to and feeling comfortable in her own home’.

‘Mum’s dementia has deteriorated, however, the option of live-in care is still our number one choice until we feel she is no longer able to be cared for in her own home’.

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