What Does Live-In Care Service Include?

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While it might be difficult to believe and accept, but yet most of us require care assistance after the age of 65. Your elderly loved one might be used to dealing with everything themselves, dividing up house chores with their spouse or relying upon help from the outside around the house. However, as they get older and their circumstances immensely change, self-care becomes more and more challenging. When the options such as moving them into a retirement home, nursing home or an assisted living facility doesn’t seem appealing, you can always opt for home care services for elderly to help them continue living in their how home as long as possible.

What do home care services include?

Household maintenance: Keeping regular household running effortlessly takes back seat when we age. If your elderly loved one is finding it difficult to keep up with their daily house chores such as laundry, handyman services, housekeeping, shopping, gardening, paying bills, fulfilling appointments, tracking finances and healthcare management – a home carer makes an ideal choice to take care of them on their behalf while they live with them.

Transportation: This is a primary issue for elderlies. Might be, they are finding it challenging to drive or never prefer driving especially at night times. Having a carer 24/7 who can help them get access to buses, city taxis, trains and senior transportation makes them feel still connected to the rest of the world. Having a home carer 24/7 ensures a different kind of freedom.

Assistance with mobility: If the mobility of your elderly has become limited, a home carer can go a long way keeping them comfortable and accessible. Grabbing bars in the shower, walking up or walking down the stairs typically seem difficult for the elderly ones. In such a case, a home carer assists them to move around the house or accomplish typical day-to-day activities smoothly and safely.

Personal care: A home carer will ensure help with daily living activities, for example – bathing, dressing, meal preparation, etc. along with custodial care. Personal care services provided by home carer ranges from a couple of hours to around-the-clock. They also assist with things such as administering medication and checking blood pressure.

Health care: Some carers provide occupational therapies, home health nursing and also assistance with attending social activities. Live-In Carers Direct – one of the largest trusted home carers agencies in the U.K. provides you with qualified, certified and experienced carers who offer services including health care specifically for the elderlies with medical conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Day programs: Home carers help your loved one keep busy with socialisation and activities during the day. Some carers are primarily social, whereas others indulge in providing limited services or specialises in disorders, for example – early stage Dementia.

Is ageing in their own home right for them?

It is natural for everybody, regardless of age, to want to live in their homes and grow older, for the obvious reasons i.e. unquestionable comfort and independence. When people reach the age 65, they look for familiar people and familiar settings around them, because even a little change might drive them to feel uncomfortable and even cause depression. Golden phase of life is very delicate and has to be looked after is a boon. Make sure your elderly loved one has the one they need when you’re away.

Certainly, everybody has different needs, based upon the factors such as how much support your loved one needs as per their mobility issues and other medical conditions. Following are the some of the concerns you should consider while evaluating your elderly family’s member’s home care options:

  • Location and accessibility
  • Home accessibility and maintenance
  • Support available
  • Isolation
  • Medical conditions
  • Your family’s opinions

Final thoughts

Live-In Carers Direct is one of the largest trusted live in dementia care service agencies in the U.K. Known for their flexible and agile services to the community. We have an extensive database of live-in carers or if need be we additionally approach skilled and experienced live-in carers that we feel is the best match for you or your loved one. Our service offers benefits to both clients and carers.

We have always wanted great care to be easily accessible and be good value for your money. We further believe that together we can make the quality and delivery of care, a greater and better deal.

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