Wondering If You Should Consider A Live-In Carer For Your Elderly Family Member? Give It A Read!

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Live-in carers for elderly parents/relatives/friends them to continue staying in their homes, instead of moving to a residential/nursing home or hospital. Here’s how live-in carers for the elderly work and if you should consider one.

What exactly a live-in carer’s service is?

Live-in care is when an experienced and qualified carer comes to live with their client in their home while responding and catering to their everyday needs. It may also imply that they can be available to assist them 24/7 (if requested). Live-in care is an increasingly efficient alternative to admitting to a care home. It allows one to continue living in the comfort of their own home while meeting their changing needs. Not all elderly people can manage to live with same amount of inner strength and positivity. With age climbing up the stairs to mortality, we tend to grow emotionally weaker. Besides, when medication becomes a daily essential, to have a professional carer around for the day and night sounds smart.

One of the clients of ‘Live-In Carers Direct’ has recently said that they love the fact that someone is there to bring them the morning chai-tea, make sure they are alright and also ask if they want or need anything else throughout the day and night.

Live-in care for an elderly person will suit you if you are in need of help with the following:

  • Personal care, for example as dressing and washing
  • Companionship
  • Continuous medication
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Continuous support for managing risk of falls
  • Appointments (such as visits to GP, hospital etc)

Live-in care is also attractive to those elderly individuals who are finding it difficult to adapt to the new neighbourhood or environment. However, this specifically applies to the ones who are suffering from dementia – where routine, familiar surroundings and continuity are important, reassuring and can improve the quality of life.

How do live-in carers work?

Merely to feed your knowledge, live-in care services are organisable, however, the smartest choices will be hiring –
Via an introductory live-in care agency: When you hire a carer via Live In Carers Direct, it means the carers are self-employed (carer’s pay their own national insurance). This means it will save you on costs when compared to a traditional live-in care agency.
Or, through a company: In this case the company employs and manages its carers for you. From conducting carer’s training to assigning them projects and offering you replacement for cover periods – the company has it covered for you.

How do you choose a live-in care provider?

Live-In Carers Direct has a vast list of experienced carers to choose from, all who go through rigorous screening checks and we specifically look to match the right carer for you or your loved one.

Hence, whenever you are trying to find the best for yourself or a loved one, please bear in mind these factors (mentioned above).

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